Vulnerabilities Facing H-1B Visa Holders in a Decelerating US Economy

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Layoffs are a reality of the tech industry, but for workers in the US with an H-1B employment visa, the implications can be far more serious than just unemployment. Because H-1B visas are tied to specific employers and locations, a layoff can have far-reaching consequences for those affected. For instance, not only may they lose their job and income security, but also their ability to remain in the United States. The United States has historically been a hub for international talent with many immigrants coming to the US hoping to reach their career and personal goals. However, economic deceleration can present unique challenges for foreign workers legally working in the US on an H-1B visa. This blog post will provide an overview of these challenges and possible solutions available to displaced employees post-layoff. If you’re worried about leaving behind family members in the US on different visas because of your situation, contact The Law Office of Hari Heerekar to review your legal options. Call (213) 682-2338 right now to schedule an appointment.

Reasons Why H-1B Cardholders are Vulnerable in a Decelerating Economy

The primary challenge facing H-1B cardholders in a decelerating economy is job loss. With fewer jobs available due to decreased demand, employers may be less likely to hire or keep foreign employees on their payrolls. If an employer decides to terminate the employment of an H-1B cardholder, then that individual only has 60 days from the date of termination to find another company that is willing to sponsor their visa and continue employing them. Furthermore, if they do not find another company within this time frame, they will be legally required to leave the country. The consequences of job loss can be severe for H-1B cardholders who cannot locate new sponsors during the 60-day window. Not only do they have limited time in which to find new sponsors, but they could be pressured into accepting lower-paying roles if those are all that are available.

The inability to find a comparable position can lead to financial difficulties and even poverty for some individuals who have worked hard and invested heavily in their US career ambitions. For H-1B visa holders at risk of losing their work authorization, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the rules and requirements of your work visa. If you are laid off, your visa will automatically terminate. Your ability to continue living in the United States legally will be in jeopardy, and unless your status is transferred, you will be forced to leave the country within 60 days or face deportation proceedings. If you haven’t found a job that fits your skillset or an employer willing to sponsor a work visa, contact The Law Office of Hari Heerekar to schedule a consultation by calling (213) 682-2338.

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If finding a new employer is not going well, another potential solution available to H-1B cardholders is applying for asylum status under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). If granted asylum status, individuals will gain permanent residence and work authorization after seven months of applying through Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS). For many foreign workers on H-1B visas, particularly those with financial vulnerabilities, the team at The Law Office of Hari Heerekar can help. We are a national firm specializing in immigration law and associated complications. If you are searching for employment options post-layoff, Attorney Heerekar can help. Don’t let your 60-day window close before finding a solution that works for your situation. If you’re open to applying for asylum, contact our legal team at F:P:Sub:Phone} right now to schedule an appointment so we can begin working on your application.