How An Asylum Lawyer Can Help You Prepare For Your Asylum Case

Hari Heerekar

If you enter the United States and plan to apply for asylum, you will have up to one year to begin the asylum process. You only need to apply for asylum if you have a genuine fear of being returned to your country, if you face persecution for your beliefs, race or political party affiliation. When you apply for asylum, it can be a lengthy process full of trials and tribulations. When you have an asylum lawyer, they take care of all the hard work and any problems that might delay your case. An asylum lawyer can help you with all the technical red tape. Here are some ways your asylum lawyer can make your application easier.

Your immigration attorney will help you complete Form I-589 and also help you prepare a detailed affidavit. You will need to put together any documentation you may have that supports any claims you made in the affidavit that your immigration attorney will help you. If you have any newspaper articles that relate to arrests or beatings you suffered because of things you cannot change.

You can also include copies of medical records that relate to any injury that was caused. If you do not have any personal documents to prove the grievances you have suffered, your immigration attorney can help you obtain other types of evidence. Once these documents are sent to the USCIS offices, you will get an interview at the local USCIS office. Your immigration attorney will help you prepare for the interview; your immigration attorney will also come to the meeting with you.

If your claim is denied, you will be sent to immigration court where you can present your case to your asylum attorney. At this point, you will resubmit any previous evidence or documents that support your claim that you need asylum. You will attend a court hearing with an immigration judge. Your asylum lawyer and the US government will ask you questions about your case.

If you lose your asylum case, your asylum lawyer can appeal all the way to the High Court if necessary. If your application is approved, you will need to apply for permanent residence after one year. If you have a family, you will be able to include your children who are not married and under 21, you can also include your spouse.

Hari Heerekar is an immigration attorney who has been successfully achieving asylum and securing legal residence for his clients throughout California, Texas, Nevada, Louisiana and many other states.

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